Industrial Food Processing Cooling Tunnels and Conveyors

April 14, 2020

Equipment is the greatest asset for commercial and industrial bakeries for time saving, but it’s not a simple task to choose the best machinery yet not a daunting one if you are aware of the simple facts. 

When figuring out which food processing units are best to use, one must know how to pick them and must do some research beforehand to make it simple. Don’t make yourself exhausted by doing all these. We have done the research and analysis for you to simplify your process of picking the perfect bakery machinery.

Have a glance at the below listed types and specifications of bakery machinery, which includes food processing cooling tunnels, cooling conveyors and etc.

Types of Food Processing Bakery Machinery :

Baking machinery is nothing but industrial equipment for all areas of baking including cakes, pies, bread, pizza, pastry, biscuits and cookies. The need for
commercial bakery machinery is increasing day by day with the increase in the consumption of baked foods because of their baking capabilities and the ability to maintain the ideal temperature.

Based on the capabilities, the food processing cooling tunnels were divided into 2 types, which include:

Types of Conveyors :

Specifications To Be Considered

Food processing tunnels, cooling conveyors and other bakery machinery are specially manufactured for industries to meet the specific needs. Even so, we must prior check for the below specifications before purchasing.

Along with the above specification, we must consider other specifications like the number of cooling zones, humidity range, surface, multi-functional settings, digital control panel, red & green LED for indications and etc.


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