Must Have Commercial Bakery Systems For Your Business

Outfitting a commercial bakery with essential bakery equipment and supplies may be a daunting task, but choosing the perfect equipment is the most important task. Commercial bakeries require various types of processing equipment to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Advantech Bakery Technology offers a full line of commercial bakery equipment and systems to streamline workflow and maximize productivity within the lower operating costs.

Our Range of Commercial Bakery Systems

1. Dough Feeding Systems:
Dough Feeding Equipment is essential in transferring dough during production.  With its sophisticated techniques and quality components, dough feeding equipment transfers the dough to the dough forming equipment.
2. Dough Forming Systems:
The versatile and modular unit designs of dough forming machines can ensure product flexibility with high speed accurate production. This food processing machine,  available in various sizes,  can be customized based on the desired specifications so it can be accurate to make dough for biscuits, cookies, pie, pizza, cake, bread and pastries.
3. Baking:
Ovens play a critical role in commercial baking as they are essential to maintain continuous work flow. One must know the factors to consider before choosing bakery ovens, as they include:

  • Oven Type
  • Oven Cost
  • Oven Design and Build
  • Oven Warranty and Guarantee

 4. Control Panels & Systems:
Control panels are the best way to secure baking programs and functions such as temperature, baking time, freezing time, and rate of speed. Having user friendly controls for all these functions are essential to streamline the productivity and successful outcome within the manageable timelines.

5. Cooling Conveyors:
Food processing cooling tunnels and conveyors are helpful to improve the line of efficiency and simplify sanitation with customized cooling, load capacity, speed limit, and control options. These cooling conveyors are available in various models based on their capabilities and product being produced.

We deisgn and manufacture complete bakery systems to meet your production needs.  Custom features are available based upon your production needs.

Our well-qualified  experts and skilled technicians also offer field and engineering services and will assist you in plant layout and process design followed by installation, commissioning and training services. To meet with our team, contact us at 859-408-2112 or mail us to

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