Industrial Food Processing Cooling Tunnels and Conveyors

Equipment is the greatest asset for commercial and industrial bakeries for time saving, but it’s not a simple task to choose the best machinery yet not a daunting one if you are aware of the simple facts. 

When figuring out which food processing units are best to use, one must know how to pick them and must do some research beforehand to make it simple. Don’t make yourself exhausted by doing all these. We have done the research and analysis for you to simplify your process of picking the perfect bakery machinery.

Have a glance at the below listed types and specifications of bakery machinery, which includes food processing cooling tunnels, cooling conveyors and etc.

Types of Food Processing Bakery Machinery :

Baking machinery is nothing but industrial equipment for all areas of baking including cakes, pies, bread, pizza, pastry, biscuits and cookies. The need for
commercial bakery machinery is increasing day by day with the increase in the consumption of baked foods because of their baking capabilities and the ability to maintain the ideal temperature.

Based on the capabilities, the food processing cooling tunnels were divided into 2 types, which include:

  • Continuous cooling tunnels
    This category of machinery manufactured to use when all the products require the same temperature, which means it moves the product until the required temperature achieved.
  • Discontinuous cooling tunnels
    This category of machinery is designed to provide various cooling down periods through tray forms and pallets, whereas the product needs to exist as soon as it attains the desired temperature.

Types of Conveyors :

  • Belt
  • Ball Transfer
  • Slat/Apron
  • Pneumatic/Vacuum
  • Magnetic
  • Vibrating
  • Screw/Auger
  • Bucket
  • Chute
  • Wheel
  • Roller
  • Powered Roller
  • Drag/Chain/Tow
  • Overhead
  • Vertical
  • Walking Beam

Specifications To Be Considered

Food processing tunnels, cooling conveyors and other bakery machinery are specially manufactured for industries to meet the specific needs. Even so, we must prior check for the below specifications before purchasing.

  • Load Capacity & Speed
    You can fix the loading margins, belt speed in ft/min if the equipment is custom-built or else check for the conveyor belt speed, load capacity per unit and maximum capacity or flow rate because the main purpose of these industrial bakery machineries is to save time and labor.
  • Size
    Make sure that the size of the equipment meets all of your requirements because these are not one-size-fit-all cooling systems. So the equipment must have the required width, length, height, load capacity and other programmable settings to modify whenever necessary.
  • Energy Efficiency
    When coming to energy consumption, industrial equipment has high possibilities to consume more power. Be sure to check for those before purchasing because rather than focusing on manufacturing cost it’s better to consider a whole lifetime of power bills.
  • Control
    Commercial cooling systems may be customized to meet packaging machinery. However, properly controlled cooling systems can handle various temperature food goods by adjusting the speed limit and airflow to meet the desired temperature and successful packaging. Otherwise, it would be a daunting task if the cooling conveyor didn’t have any controlling options. Also, pay more attention to the additional technical features and emergency options.
  • Throughput
    Throughput allow us to measure the conveyor capacity, how much volume it handles per unit time or cubic feet per minute. This feature is applicable for only a few types of conveyors such as pneumatic/vacuum, vibrating, bucket, screw and walking beam conveyors.
  • Food Safety
    According to the World Health Organization statistics, every year 600 million cases of foodborne diseases are caused by unsafe food worldwide. So make sure that the bakery machinery should meet all safety requirements without fail.
  • Material
    Cooling conveyors, which are made of incompatible materials, always troubleshoot new problems that result in more expenses, less productivity and low profit. Be sure to choose suitable and appropriate materials for your cooling systems to avoid unexpected failures.
  • Frame Configuration
    Frame configuration is one the essential aspects that refers to the shape of conveyors that can be curved, Z shaped, straight and many other shapes, which allows for real-time monitoring of product flow.
  • User-friendly
    In this digital era, everyone expects user-friendly features in every system to understand, maintain and avoid complications while operating. That helps users to learn its function and settings in a simple and quick way.
  • Warranty and Maintenance
    It may be the last aspect to consider, but not the least. It is always essential to check for the warranty and maintenance agreements as it helps you to understand what the manufacturer will & will not cover, cost to justify unexpected failures and their responsibilities during emergency situations.

Along with the above specification, we must consider other specifications like the number of cooling zones, humidity range, surface, multi-functional settings, digital control panel, red & green LED for indications and etc.

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