UV Light Sanitation


The current global Coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way we think about
customer and employee health. Safety protocols in the retail and grocer industry have
intensified in the last three months. Shopping carts are one of the most contaminated items in these industries. Retailers and grocers worldwide are now faced with the monotonous task and costs of quickly and effectively disinfecting the carts to ensure customer and employee safety.

Our solution…UVTech T-12!


  • Disinfects up to 99.99% of common viruses, bacteria, and fungi on surfaces
  • 6-8 carts disinfected in 45 seconds
  • Custom light settings and enclosure sizes available
  • Designed to fit in current cart storage layout for in-process cleaning
  • UV-C wavelength: 254 nm
  • Rated Lamp Life: 9,000 hours
  • The same disinfecting technology utilized in air, food, water, and medical industries


Ultraviolet (UV) light contains the optimal energy for inactivating viral, bacterial, and fungal
organisms. Inactivation refers to the organism’s ability to reproduce and infect a host. Viruses can have either DNA or RNA while bacteria and fungi contain DNA. The germicidal
effectiveness of UV light is maximized at 265 nano meters (nm), which damages the DNA and RNA structures of the organism (REF 1). Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a
reputable method of disinfection dating back to the 1800’s:

  • 1877: It was discovered that the intensity of sunlight affected the survival rate of bacteria. Higher intensities of sun rays neutralize more bacteria (REF 2).
  • 1941: Upper-room UVGI was used in Philadelphia schools to prevent the spread of measles. There was a statistically significant difference between susceptible schools with and without upper-room UVGI, with respect to infection rates. 13.3% with upper-room UVGI, 53.6% without (REF 3).
  • 2009: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supported the use of upper-room UVGI to control TB in health-care industries (REF 4)

Over time, research and development has allowed UVGI to be applicable in water, air, and
surface treatment with highly effective outcomes. Hospitals are currently using autonomous robots and other tools equipped with UV-C lights to disinfect surfaces and rooms. HVAC and other filtration units are also utilizing UV-C lights to eliminate mold.

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